Maxam MS930 Logxtra

With the forestry series gaining a strong reputation in the industry, Maxam has expanded the program to include the all-new MS930. A tire engineered to provide the efficiency and strength of the Logxtra series while providing exceptional value to every site, the MS930 is a formidable solution for the forestry industry, thanks to a deep and wide tread that is reinforced with a steel breaker belt package for maximum strength.

Manufactured with an extra-wide footprint that delivers exceptional flotation in muddy and wet ground conditions, the MS930 increases efficiency in all terrains, while a heavy-duty shoulder and sidewall integrate advanced compounding into the tire and enhance the overall features. To prevent common bead winding defects, the MS930 is manufactured with nylon-wrapped beads that outlast alternative options. Available now, the MS930 comes in a variety of ply ratings and sizes and delivers maximum performance and extreme traction at an exceptional value.

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