Here are some interesting numbers: of the 747 million acres of wooded land in the United States, more than 250 million acres are owned by private individuals and families. Across the country, 11 million families own forests and wooded areas that are vital to our clean air, clean water and wildlife. Of those 11 million families, 4.5 million each own 10 or more acres of woodland.

And yet, only 4% of those families and individuals have a management plan in place for their woodlands. According to the American Forest Foundation (AFF), the lack of management plans puts these treasured properties at ever-increasing risk of fires, invasive species, pathogens and other problems.

To help woodland owners better understand and protect their properties, the AFF has launched a new website,, which can assist family forest owners in mapping, protecting and enjoying their woods for years to come.

The free website “helps you discover the possible threats to your land,” says Tom Martin, president and CEO of AFF. “If you own a plot of land, it helps you ask the right questions based on your goals for your land and refers you to the right sources.”