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With low registrations to date, and an indication by many of the meeting’s sponsors regarding policies restricting travel, some until January 2021, the American Loggers Council (ALC) has made the decision to cancel the 2020 Annual Meeting, scheduled for September 24-26, in Branson, Mo. Continuing concerns around the COVID-19 pandemic and the ability to safely travel to and from Branson, as well as meet face mask and social distancing requirements in an effort to stem the spread of the virus have led to the decision. The group has reorganized plans and will hold a virtual Board meeting on Saturday, September 26, with notices and details sent out once that information is available. 

In an email to supporters, ALC President Shannon Jarvis remarks, “Our sincerest thanks to everyone who continues to support the American Loggers Council as all venture together through these unprecedented times. We look forward to getting back together in the future, and wish everyone a continued safe and healthy future.”