TEAM Safe Trucking, a volunteer alliance committed to elevating the safety, performance, and professional level of the forest industry’s transportation sector, is moving forward with its ambitious program. The group consists of key integral facets of the forest products industry: production (logging), consumption, insurance, associations and other advocates.

TST’s revamped web site——was launched in early March. Ultimately, it will be loaded with tools to help advance the strength and standing of log/chip trucking. Resources will include tips for recruiting and retaining drivers; items to help owners move from reactive to proactive fleet management; suggestions for improving trucking efficiency; and ideas for enhancing the sector’s public image.

The final draft of TST’s comprehensive driver training module is nearing completion and soon will be available on the web site. According to TST officials, the intent is for this module to be used at the state level, as it can easily be modified to incorporate state-specific criteria.

The group now has restructured and refocused key committees, has new leadership, and its 501(c)3 non-profit status has been approved by the IRS, meaning that financial donations are tax deductible.

“More and more organizations are participating in TST and are ‘buying in’ to what TST is committed to achieve,” says Jeremiah O’Donovan, the group’s new president. “We’re on track to make important strides this year and invite additional participation.”

Donations to TEAM Safe Trucking, Inc. are welcomed and should be mailed to TST treasurer Joanne Reese at P.O. Box 785, Henderson, NC 27536.